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Updated: 9 February, 2014

We presently have 60 members in our Barnard_Bernard DNA Group, and hopefully we will continue to grow so that the possibility of more matches also grows. Quite a number of matches have been  reported by FTDNA in the last year, and I hope that everyone who is so informed takes the trouble to contact their matches to compare their paper research. If one does not contact the matches, it certainly seems a waste of time paying for tests in the first place.

I apologise for the lack of updates in 2013 after the May update, but I have just had to take some time to pursue my own research which has taken a back seat in the past few years. I have had a couple of very welcome matches in 2012 and 2013 one of which led to solving a puzzle that existed since 2003.

My other match calls for a lot of additional research which if successful will take me back beyond my present earliest known Barnard ancestor, and hopefully solve a puzzle which has haunted me since I first started on my tree in 1971.

In the past I have tried to clarify the need to state your earliest known paternal and maternal ancestors on your personal FTDNA page, because the names can sometimes trigger a response from other researchers. Again it makes sense to also ensure that you have answered `yes` to the release question on your personal page to give possible matches a chance to contact you.

Finally, I would also ask that only well documented research be entered on any family trees made available for others to read. Guesses should never be taken as fact.

May 2014 bring you happiness, peace, and success in your continuing searches.


Many of our United States members descend from immigrants from the U.K. and one of our aims is to eventually link up to families in the U.K. from which the immigrants came. It would be fabulous if we reached a situation where such families were able to compare their paper research results.

Barnards and those with close variant names have spread all over the world, and certainly to places like Canada, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand, and I was informed that one of my family members settled in Japan. There are also many of those names in the rest of Europe that would be very welcome to our project too. We don't care where they live, all are welcome to join us.


It would be much appreciated if anyone could let me know of any mistakes they find on this site, or if they have news that might be of interest to Barnard researchers.



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